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Going all-In is definitely one of my favourite moves in tournament poker. I am aware that many people do not agree with my strategy but by my experience I can say that there are times when it is the most effective move. Of course, there are also other times when it will not pay out and you'll stay with empty hands. In order to play Poker successfully and profitably, you need to know when you should go all-in and when not.

But let us begin with the opposite, the worst moment for going all-in. It is an all-in move during the pre-flop in the beginning of a poker tournament. The players who make this move want to double their chips in the beginning of the tournament. The problem is that any experienced poker player can easily read the player at this moment. When a player places all the chips in the pot at that time, everyone at the table will know that he has a strong hand, usually a pair of jacks. Therefore, you will receive only calls from hands that are even stronger during the pre-flop - queens, kings or aces.

But as I have said before, going all-in is one of my favourite moves, so let us discuss when you should make it. The difference between a good and a great tournament player is the perfect timing for the moves. A great player simply knows when it is the right time to play. Now, I will give you some guidelines that will help you to determine whether going all-in is suitable with your hand.


The Ultimate Thrill: Going All-In Under the Gun While Being Short Stacked

Every poker player knows this situation: the blinds are rising, you haven't seen a good hand for ages and your stack count is getting smaller and smaller. It is a typical situation during a poker tournament, and that is true for both online poker tournaments played at the best online poker sites and live poker events played in a casino. It happens regularly to all poker players and every player has developed his own method to deal with it.

Stealing a few pots is one of the most widely used strategies. It can be quite successful until one of your opponents picks up a decent hand. Other players do not change their way of playing poker. They wait for a better hand in order to come back. This strategy can work also successfully. However, when your stack is shrinking, you might be forced to go all-in. However, finding the right moment for this move is very hard and shows the quality of the poker player.

The first thing I do when I am in this unlucky situation, I choose the round for my all-in move. My choice mainly depends on the size of my chip stacks in relation to the big blinds. Usually, I pick a round when my chip stacks is four to seven times the big blind. The reasons are quite simple. With a higher stack size I can still wait for a better hand while a shorter stack size will force the other players to call.


Strategies for Going All-In in No No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker

When you play No Limit Texas Holdem Poker you can bet all your chips at any time during the game. This move is called all-in. There are many situations when going all-in is the best move you can make. However, many poker players are using the move too often. Other players tend to wait too long until their stack size becomes too small and they are forced to go all-in. In this article we will show and explain situations when you should go all-in.

Please, remember that each game of Texas Hold'Em Poker has its own history and depends on many different variables. It is possible that some of the examples listed below may not apply to your particular situation. All examples are made under the assumption that other aspects of the game are in your favour. Particularly, the way all players act at the table has to be taken into account before you decide how to play a given situation.

Before you start to study the examples below, I want you to understand a few things about going all-in. Going all-in has two different advantages. Firstly, your opponents have to call with a large amount of chips. Secondly, they know that the hand will be played to the river. In other words, the decision about the winning hand is made after all community cards are dealt.


Go all in too often during the preflop is the best way to lose any poker game

This is the first part of our new and exclusive "How to lose in Poker" series. In our articles we will concentrate on the common mistake usually made by poker players who lose more games than they win in live as well as in online poker. If you are one of this people we will help you to improve your game and stop losing.

One of the typical mistakes of losing poker players is the all-in move during the preflop. Going all-in can be an effective weapon but many inexperienced players are going all-in much too often. Of course, their game will be full of many mistakes and wrong decisions. However, going all-in during the preflop without a decent hand is usually the easiest way to lose your money.

We will discuss typical situations in this article. We shall also describe usual and common situation that can happen several times during a typical poker tournament. We will explain you, how to read your opponents and how you should act accordingly.


Two Sides to Every Coin (flip)

Two of the most famous pro poker players in the world - Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson - share their thoughts about one of poker's trickiest decisions - the coin flip. Should players be willing to put everything on the line in a coin flip situation? Here are two different sides to the coin flip question:

Chris Says:

For the most part, coin flips are something that I tend to avoid. You never want to take on a negative EV proposition, so you can pretty easily fold a hand like A-K when you're certain your opponent is holding a high pocket pair like Jacks or Queens. Some players are willing to take a negative EV coin flip early on in a big tournament in order to accumulate chips, but this is an incorrect decision (unless you're trying to catch an early flight or make like Ivey to the golf course).


All In: A Comparison between the Gambling and the Investment Business

According to a popular saying, gambling in a casino is the same thing as investing in the stock market. Most probably you have heard this saying already hundreds of times, but is it really true? Let's analyze both activities. You will find major differences but also surprising accordance.

The most obvious similarity is that both have strong elements of risk and choice. In both cases, the player either on the gambling table or at the stock market has to make an exact decision on how much money he is willing to risk. Stock traders usually invest between 2% and 5% of their money in one trade. Long-term investors tend to scatter their investments in different asset classes, which is basically nothing more than an applied risk management strategy. It will certainly help to lower all potential losses to an absolute minimum.

Gamblers have to make in principle the same decision, since they have to decide carefully how much money they are willing to risk. But in this case, it is the pot odds which regulate the amount to be invested. The pot odds tell the player how much money he can invest to call a bet and they always depend on the actual pot size. If the odds favour your hand, you will more likely call the bet. Almost every successful player uses such an efficient risk management system. Therefore, the key principle in investing and gambling is to maximize the profit for a minimal risk.



Top 5 Poker Moments in History



Skill is everything in All-In or Fold WSOP Qualifiers

Sure, you could train all day, polish your game, and in a couple dedicated years take a shot at making it all the way to World Series of Poker. Or you could spend less than an hour, grab your favorite lucky charm, and ride adrenaline all the way through Hyper Turbos and Super-Turbos WSOP Qualifiers where all that matters is your All-In Or Fold technique.

Often for as little as $1 you can enter an all-in or fold satellite game that builds to a prize package including a travel and accommodation package, a seat in WSOP Main Event, and the easiest road to a seat ever enjoyed by a WSOP qualifier.

Check out our site often to find the latest tournaments and go all-in on a fun qualifier.


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10 successful all-in strategy tips

One of the strategies used in No limit Texas Hold'em is the so called all-in betting. To bet all-in means that you bet all your chips into the pot. Of course, this move can get you out of the game very easily and you should use it depending on the chips you have and the chips your opponent has since you risk losing all your chips.

Therefore, this is a very risky and dangerous move but, at the same time, a very powerful one. Of course, there will always be players who are not able to derive a benefit from strategically posted bet.

The following 10 tips may help you to take the right decision about what the right time to go all-in is:

1. In order not to be very predictable, do not wait to get "nuts" to call all-in. This style of playing can just make your opponents fold when you do that.

2. When you are very positive that your opponent is going to fold, make the all-in bet.

3. In case you have a lot more chips than your opponents, you may very easy kick them out of the game by betting all-in and making them fold. In case you lose, you'll lose the chips you bet but you'll still have some and your opponents will lose all.

4. On a stone cold bluff it is not a good idea to go all-in. Take into consideration that no matter what, there is always a possibility to improve your hand since there are still more cards to be revealed. In other words, stay with your outs.

5. In case you don't have enough number of chips, do not risk going all'in since the player who has more chips than you, should probably kick you out of the game by calling. You can make this move only in case you are sure that your hand is a winning hand.

6. If you have a short stack of chips and the greatest hand ever, you can turn it into your advantage, since your opponents most probably will call in order to kick you out and therefore, you will double, triple or even better your profit. The more are the callers, the better.

7. Bluffing with a short stack of chips is also not a good idea since none of your opponents will hesitate to bet against you. You can go all-in only if you have a very strong hand.

8. When you have a short stack of chips do not allow them to disappear during the blinds. Confront with all-in until you have the opportunity to steal the blinds. Even if your opponents call, you still have a chance to win the pot and continue playing.

9. If a player has a short stack of chips and goes all-in, is a good idea to raise the all-in. This move can frighten away the opponents who have called since there is a chance they called because of the value they get for it.

10. In case one of your opponents goes all-in against you, think very carefully and take into consideration whether he has a short stack of chips, whether he has only nuts, whether he is trying to kick you out of the tournament or make you fold etc. Analyze the situation well before you make your decision.

Use these tips when gambling the next time round and you'll soon be cleaning up at the poker tables at your online casino or poker room.

Good luck!

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