Todo… Nada… All or Nothing

Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker

10 successful all-in strategy tips

One of the strategies used in No-limit Texas Hold’em is the so-called all-in betting. To bet all-in means that you bet all your chips into the pot. Of course, this move can get you out of the game very easily and you should use it depending on the chips you have and the chips your opponent has since you risk losing all your chips.

Therefore, this is a very risky and dangerous move but, at the same time, a very powerful one. Of course, there will always be players who are not able to derive a benefit from the strategically posted bets.

The following 10 tips may help you to make the right decision about what the right time to go all-in is:

1. In order not to be very predictable, do not wait to get “nuts” to call all-in. This style of playing can just make your opponents fold when you do that.

2. When you are very positive that your opponent is going to fold, make the all-in bet.

3. In case you have a lot more chips than your opponents, you may very easily kick them out of the game by betting all-in and making them fold. In case you lose, you’ll lose the chips you bet but you’ll still have some and your opponents will lose all.

4. On a stone-cold bluff it is not a good idea to go all-in. Take into consideration that no matter what, there is always a possibility to improve your hand since there are still more cards to be revealed. In other words, stay with your outs.

5. In case you don’t have enough chips, do not risk going all-in since the player who has more chips than you, should probably kick you out of the game by calling. You can make this move only in case you are sure that your hand is a winning hand.

6. If you have a short stack of chips and the greatest hand ever, you can turn it to your advantage, since your opponents most probably will call in order to kick you out, and therefore, you will double triple, or even better your profit. The more are the callers, the better.

7. Bluffing with a short stack of chips is also not a good idea since none of your opponents will hesitate to bet against you. You can go all-in only if you have a very strong hand.

8. When you have a short stack of chips do not allow them to disappear during the blinds. Confront with all-in until you have the opportunity to steal the blinds. Even if your opponents call, you still have a chance to win the pot and continue playing.

9. If a player has a short stack of chips and goes all-in, is a good idea to raise the all-in. This move can frighten away the opponents who have called since there is a chance they called because of the value they get for it.

10. In case one of your opponents goes all-in against you, think very carefully and take into consideration whether he has a short stack of chips, whether he has only nuts, whether he is trying to kick you out of the tournament or make you fold, etc. Analyze the situation well before you make your decision.

Use these tips when gambling the next time around and you’ll soon be cleaning up at the poker tables at your online casino or poker room.

Good luck!

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