Todo… Nada… All or Nothing

Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.

Omaha Poker

Omaha Variants

There are two fundamentally different types of Omaha: Omaha High (Omaha Hi) and Omaha High / Low (Omaha Hi /Lo) which is also sometimes referred to as Omaha Split or Hi /Lo Split.

In Omaha Hi at the showdown, the entire pot is taken by the player with the highest combination. This variant is more popular, it is called “standard” or “normal” Omaha.  The second, the more complicated variant is Omaha Split. In this game at the showdown, the pot is to be split into two parts which are to be taken by one or by two players. Half of the pot takes the player with the highest combination. The other half is taken by the player with the lowest combination consisting of cards lower than 8 and without any pairs. Low hands do not include straights and flushes and the best combination is the “wheel” – A, 2, 3, 4, 5. The entire pot is taken by one player in case there is no low combination, or one player managed to form the best high and the best low combinations. In order to form both combinations, any player is allowed to use different pairs of his cards.

These two variants of Omaha differ so much that they can be called totally different games with good reason. It is difficult to find some general principles for both games, so we are going to review them separately.

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