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Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker

What is a Poker Fish?

Poker games happen to be highly strategic and, like with every strategy game, poker games have several strong players and several weak players. Strong players completely devour weak players by taking all of their money. When it comes to poker, bad or weak players are called fish, while good or strong players are called sharks.

Nature’s laws say that stronger sharks kill weaker fish. The same goes for poker, where bad players turn into the ultimate prey of great players. If you truly wish to survive in the world of poker, you need to win in the game. Your chances of survival will get lower, if you don’t win your games, most of all tournament games that involve collecting chips.

Winning in poker depends on both luck and strategy. By following the proper strategies, you could easily win games. Plus, there is no such thing as a single right strategy in winning each game. Every time that you play, you will play with brand new players. Additionally, different games might require the use of different strategies. Poker sharks are always familiar with game rules and they always know the strategies and tips like table positioning. Sharks make use of these strategies and tips to their full advantage, while fish might not even know what proper table positioning is.

The connotations of shark and fish are highly associated with the game’s strategies. As poker terminology tells us, fish are players that don’t know about any strategies. As the game commences, bad players wildly chase others and attempt to play hands that are long shots. These bad players reply on their luck when it comes to winning a game and they need to play against every odd. On the flip side, good players have various strategies of winning that gives them the ability to actually emerge as the victor of a game. A lot of brand new beginners wish to master this game within short spans of time and go through a lot of articles, reading all that they can and doing their research on websites to collect more information. Keep in mind that no shortcuts exist within this game; you will simply have to learn each strategy and trick, as required.

Poker is quite similar to nature’s animal kingdom. There are both prey and predators that need to coexist next to each other. The predators would refer to the good payers that seek their prey, the bad players, in order to win several games. It would be the sole responsibility of bad players to run away from their tables at the opportune moment.

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