Todo… Nada… All or Nothing

Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker

Hands You Can Play in Any Position before the Flop

There are approximately 169 different starting mixtures of sets. All the cards do not fall into the same category, as there are five different types. They can be grouped by the following; suited gapped cards, gapped cards, suited connectors, connecting cards and pairs. If you are not dealt a pair of cards, then your cards will either be suited or unsuited and either connected or gapped. Connected cards are more valuable compared to gapped cards, this is because it is harder to complete a straight set with gapped cards. The smaller the gap is, the easier it will be to make a straight, however with some exceptions of cards on the bottom or top. Some of these hands will not make as many straights, because there are fewer amounts of cards that will connect in the end. It is also true for the connected cards at the bottom or top of the deck. Many poker players know that A-K is a good set to start a game with. This set can only make a straight with Q-J-T. On the other hand, a set like this; J-T, would only be able to make a straight with any of the following; AKQ, Q98, KQ9 or 987.

To better benefit you, you should play some hands in the early position. If you get cards that are not paired, suited or not three gapped should be left out, don’t count on them. Suited cards are always valued at a higher state compared to unsuited cards. For this fact to be true, they have to be equal in ranking. Making a move late in a hand is a great benefit. You just won’t be able to afford to see the flop when it’s weaker in a late position. So, all in all, playing few hands in the early position is a good idea. You can nearly just play any pair right from the aces to the sevens in the early position. What can you raise with? You can raise with A, K and Q. Let’s take a look at one situation in the late position. You are facing quite a few opponents and no one has raised yet, you should be calling with lower sets such as 7’s or 8’s. It is a good idea, if the plan you have is to flop a set. These sets are always well hidden and the opponents will have to be ready to pay you off, but you should be lucky. Its even better in a no-limit game, because once you flop a set, you just take all your opponents cash, which would make him to gamble with two pairs or less.

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