Todo… Nada… All or Nothing

Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.


It’s only logical

Probability, within the realms of mathematics, is an agreed measurement of a likeliness that an event or situation will occur. If thought about, the idea of probability as a measurement scale is a fascinating one.

Just how probability can be expressed is varied however most of the time it is expressed either as a fraction or decimal such as 0 and 1. With this in mind, 0 represents an area of probability that is highly unlikely and the number 1 would be designated with the attributes of events that are likely to happen.

Don’t matter if it’s black or white

However, the probability isn’t as linear or black and white as it first appears, there are many, many variables to such a measurement.

Take the idea of choosing a random number between 1 and 5. On the face of it the probability of choosing 3 is reasonably likely and as equally likely as choosing 2 or 5 or 4, there is a one in five chance, the numbers involved are small. Or are they?

What if someone chose 3.0543? All of a sudden we’re dealing with infinite numbers. You may actually pick that number but in reality the chances are extremely small, minuscule in fact, probability is 0. It could happen, you could pick it but in reality…

Now reverse this idea. You know you’re choosing infinite numbers so choosing another number other than 3.0543 is a 1 on the scale, it’s more than likely but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t pick 3.0543.

What’s in a name?

However, Probability‘s name-sake within the online gaming industry is remarkable at achieving events that otherwise may not have occurred.

24 months ago Probability worked on 4,200 new devices which needed rendering to the platform to ensure platform compatibility for its products, a probability equation that may have looked more likely not have been achieved. However, they did achieve this and are fully prepared for the future of device fragmentation.

More than likely

It’s a good job that they are prepared, if anything, device fragmentation is speeding up, life cycles of these devices are shortening every year and customer expectations are growing exponentially month after month. Not even probability as a mathematical formula can give us clarity on whether the industry as a whole is more likely to slow down next year, there are too many variables in the mix.

However the likelihood is that mobile gaming platforms are speeding up – gaining momentum. In the past year some of the sites that use Probability software have grown into UK’s leading mobile game sites boasting HD games such as Long John’s Silver, War Zone and Pot’s O’ Plenty, with characters based and licenced from the mobile gaming colossus GLU.

Big things are happening as Probability’s in-house game development platform slot-o-matic has the power to develop stunning additional games for casino fans in record time. New games such as Fizz Factory can be released nice and early thanks to slot-o-matic’s dedicated team of developers meaning more fun, more games and more wins for the players. This matters to players and they are delivering.

Probability has taken its mathematical name-sake and re-written the rule book on the likely hood of events happening under its watch, not a small feat considering all the variables staked against it.

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