Todo… Nada… All or Nothing

Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.


The newest casino apps available

Time was when you couldn’t get a decent casino gaming experience from your own home. You would have to make the trek out to the real brick and mortar place to find yourself a piece of the gaming action you craved. Then things changed and Casino games became all the rage on the internet. It seemed that everyone was getting into playing poker or roulette on their home computer. Now though we have moved even further forward into the world of mobile casino games.

As we see the state of our mobile technology improve we are seeing similar improvements in the software that we run on those devices. The latest casino apps available today are even more impressive than the games we were playing on home computers just a few years ago. The rate of technology’s improvement has meant that we are now at a point where games and other apps are getting better over a shorter period of time. It won’t be long before we see almost no difference between the graphics that are available on a home computer and those available on a mobile phone or other handheld device.

Because there is such a massive rate of change occurring we are seeing hundreds of apps being released per week. Only a handful of these are full gaming apps, and an even smaller percentage are casino apps, but we are nonetheless reaching a point where improvements are happening on a daily basis and the apps are updated consistently to reflect these constant improvements. As we move forward into the next generation of phones and technology companies like Jackpot City and others who create casino apps like online slots are able to do more with what they have – and for the state of gaming as a whole, that can only be a good thing.

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