Todo… Nada… All or Nothing

Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker

Learn what the best poker players in the world do

The term poker face is actually true – look at the top poker players in the world and you just cannot make out what is going through their minds. And this is the biggest tip that you should use when you play poker. Remember that everyone else on the table is keeping a keen eye on you and they are ready to pounce the moment they are able to read your mind.

There is, of course, more to learn from the best poker players in the world than just their ability to keep poker faces. Let us read on and find out what else we can learn from them.

– The game of poker should only be played when someone is in their full senses. This means that you shouldn’t sit for a game when you are drunk, even slightly. If there is something bothering you and you are sad or mad, then poker is a complete no-no. Your bad mood is going to constantly come between you and the game and this is the easiest way to lose money.

– Playing more doesn’t translate to winning more. This means that you shouldn’t play every hand. One of the keys to winning in poker is the ability to fold at the right time or when you don’t have a hand that could win you the round. If you see the best players in the world, they fold more than they play.

– Don’t bluff because you have been told to bluff. Bluffing is an integral part of poker but you should never think that you can bluff your way to a win every time. Bluffs work at times and they don’t work at times and you should know the art. For instance, if you know that there is one player on the table who calls a showdown every time, you just cannot bluff that player.

– Know when to call off your hand. There is something known as lost chance – you have stayed in a hand for a long time and now you know that your chances of winning are minimal. In such a case, don’t stay in the hand because you have already spent money and time on it. There is no need for you to keep someone honest and call at the end of a hand – quit if you have to and absorb your loss. Why should you spend money when you know that you are beaten already?

– Paying attention to the card and the other players is one of the cardinal rules of poker and you should master this art.

– As a player, you should know your limits. Playing limits that are too high or picking a game with players who are way beyond your current skill level is not going to help. Learn the basics of the game and follow the best players in the world and poker would seem easy to play. But keep one point in mind – take the game easy at your own peril.

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