Todo… Nada… All or Nothing

Going all-in is definitely one of my favourite moves in poker.

Texas Hold'em Poker

Hands You Can Play in Middle Position before the Flop

You can get more calm and relaxed once your opponents have made their move, because you have now seen their attitudes and the strength of their individual hands. The chances of witnessing a raise will have decreased since you are now in the middle position. A raise is still always possible, only the chances of it occurring have decreased. Now that they have made a move, you know more or less how the play and their techniques. Some opponents will give off a slight face change, known as a poker face. It is a facial expression which they make when taking up a particular move. It is rather hard to take note of it, especially if you are playing behind the screen of a computer at an online casino. When you have pairs in a tame game, you can just add fives and sixes to them. This is not a good idea, if the opponents playing after you always tend to raise. You have the option to use a different strategy, switch seats or re-think your selection of cards and pairs. When you know you are the only one up with the blind, you could play the pair of sixes and think as if they were aces or kings. You would just have to hope, it won’t be vulnerable and stays as the top hand, or that your opponent folds. It is a different story if there are more players in the game. When you are up against three or more players you should hit a set on the fold or fold if the cards are big in stake.

If the opponents keep playing aces and you are sure it will continue, here is a small tip you can use. You can extend your playing field by adding in an A9 which is suited right through the suited A6. If you are facing the opposite sort of players, who are not willing to play aces, then your A9 would be in a good situation. This is because it has a high chance of being the best hand, if no one has raised before the flop. The reason for this is because many players raise with an AT in a fixed limit game. Keep cautious because an A8 which comes in through an A6 is known to get people out of the game, because you could flop an ace. Gapped hands that are suited and some suited connectors can look good, but they aren’t what they look like. These cards are not extremely valuable. One thing any poker player should look out for is that, these hands will look strong to the eye in starting position, but never count on it. Some of these hands are the following; 98, J8, K9, Q8, Q9, T8. Just remember to be extra careful when the pot has been raised and you have aggressive players or you are in a no-limit/tournament game. Your chips are all at risk, so think before making the move. We have listed some playable hands in middle position, below.

Pairs: 56
Suited: A9, A8, A7, A6, K9, Q9, Q8, J8, T8, 98
Unsuited: KT, QJ, QT, JT

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