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Texas Hold'em Poker

The 5 Worst Hands Ever

Most tips pages will cover the greatest hands to start with or the greatest pocket card pairs you could find whenever you play online games of Texas Holdem. However, nobody ever talks about the worst hands you could hold as you start off your game. We are about to reveal the 5 worst hands you could ever hold when it comes to Texas Holdem. What you should do if you have these combinations: fold immediately!

1) 2-7 (Off-Suit)
This is the worst hand you could ever have in your game by far. There will be no chance for you to get a flush draw or straight draw, making your chances to win with your pair 7s close to nil. Although there is a very slight chance of you getting a full house if you have this hand, it would definitely not be worth the risk. Fold!

2) 2-8 (Off-Suit)
Just a little bit better compared to the 2-7 draw, the 2-8 combination also cries for you to fold. This is slightly better because pair 8s could beat pair 7s. A straight flush or draw would not be in the cards with this poor combination, either. Fold!

3) 3-8 (Off-Suit)
With this combination, you will be left without chances of getting a flush draw or straight draw, instead of leaving you hoping to get pair 8s. B now, you might hope to get chances of scoring a full house, but this would not be recommended. Wait for better hands next time instead. Fold!

4) 2-9 (Off-Suit)
Pair 9s might beat the 3-8 combination above; however, this combination still cries out for you to fold. Fold!

5) 2-6 (Off-Suit)
You will be left with chances of very low straight draws with this combination – nothing more. It would be best to fold right from the start and wait for hands that will offer you good fighting chances later on. Fold!

These 5 pocket card pairs should get you folding the minute you see them. If you are brave enough to actually keep playing with any of these deadly combinations, you should really pray that luck is your lady. Knowing these horrible combinations, however, can aid you in improving your game and will make your chances of staying at your table all the more successful (fundamental if you want to survive at least 1 day in great tournaments like the WSOP). It is true that long shots may come in every now and then; however, disciplined players should really just walk away from their tables safe and happy.

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